Amor Fati (Love of fate)

Amor Fati is translated as (love of fate).

Not only accepting but loving everything that happens in my life. It’s a pretty radical mindset that has its origins in Stoic philosophy and was coined by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Amor Fati is a mindset I am adopting for own life and I believe it is a good start to living a more meaningful life. If we can love everything that happens to us there is no room for excuses and instead we can get to work on living the best life we can manage and putting in the work that is going to make us happier.

I also believe that the Amor Fati mindset is a good starting point for positive self talk and being more resilient. When we love everything that happens to us the origin of our positive self talk feels less contaminated by the “Eyeore” syndrome.  Sense we know that the stories we tell ourselves make us either optimistic or pessimistic, changing our stories can change us.

Adopting an Amor Fati mindset like most worthwhile things in life will take work and daily practice but I am excited about putting the mindset into practice and sharing the mindset with others.

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