Who are you?

Masks with the theatre concept

We all present different versions of ourselves to the world, to others, and to ourselves. We all wear masks and act out various roles in lives.

So, who are you?

I think its safe to say we are the personas we display each day and this is not a negative thing but in reality a useful way to navigate the world. One of the keys I think is understanding what persona or mask is appropriate and how our various masks are perceived by others, in short, how do others see us.

I know a common message heard today is that “we/I don’t need others”, “I can make it, do it on my own”, “I can thrive on my own.” Really? Aren’t there always others involved in some way in the successes and failures of our lives? If so, then being aware of how our personas impact others is a key to understanding our relationships with others.

I am not saying we should be acting like someone else and not being ourselves, whatever that means, instead, I think we should closely monitor our interactions with others, good, bad or ugly. In this way we can hopefully begin to see patterns in our relationships that are likely impacted by the personas we present in given situations.

Wearing masks does not always have to be disguises we hide behind instead our masks can help us present the best/most appropriate versions of ourselves to others, embrace your masks, it’s who you are.

Image above retrieved from here: https://goo.gl/images/7iDG5Z

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