A point of view

hanlons razor

Points of view inform our opinions, thinking and decision-making. We all have different points of view related to the many facets of our lives. I am particularly interested in points of view and mental models that “assume positive intent”, something author Daniel Pink  talked about on the Tim Ferriss podcast. This point of view is similar to the ideas that people are generally good and do not wish harm and that often when things that we don’t like or are harmful happen it is better not to attribute malice to quickly when stupidity or a mistake might actually explain what happened (Hanlon’s Razor).

Okay, so I know on the surface this sounds like a “Pollyanna” points of view but I think that is a simple conclusion and one that could stand in the way of possibly changing our points of view as it relates to other people.

So, assuming positive intent and not attributing malice when ignorance or stupidity might be a better explanation is a way to relate to others with less hatred and paranoia. I think its safe to say in our world that less hatred and paranoia is always a bonus.

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