Mastering blazing fast information


We live during a time when more information is accessible than any other time in human history. The pace in which this information is disseminated is faster than ever and our world moves equally as fast. I personally wonder about my pace, slow-ish in relation to the world around me, and I question whether or not I am missing out on something or if I should speed up to match the pace of information?

So I am coming to the conclusion that I don’t need to speed up, which isn’t likely to happen any way, instead I need to master ways to process and use the information I digest using an approach that suits my slow-ish pace.

My solution of sorts when it comes to reading as an example is to process better. I am a slow reader so I am not going to digestive a lot information in a given time period but what I can do is make the most of what I am reading.

My approach: I take notes in the margins of the books I am reading and I pay attention to what I am reading and learning. I am always looking to use the information in different ways, my goal is to synthesis and make the information personal. So I might write a blog a post and or create and present the information to others in a workshop or class. I seek out related content, this is a lot easier in the world we live in with google, amazon and algorithms. Ultimately, simply sharing what I have learned with others, I think this has something to do with brain plasticity and neurons and stuff, is a good way to process and hopefully I gain some useful feedback and that will spark more learning.

Okay, so slowing down the world is not going to happen to but slowly down me is a solution that is actionable and it feels like I am mastering a little part of the world in the process.

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