Get Motivated!

Marines eating chowIt’s  funny now recalling my time as Marine and later as Marine Drill Instructor hearing the phrases, “stay motivated recruit, stay motivated” or “get motivated Marines.” Understandingly, these encouragements and pleas came during moments of weakness or at least diminishing motivation and in the Marine Corps, in the past at least, it was common to attribute failure with lack of motivation, you just haven’t done enough, worked hard enough, or tried hard enough. But is it that simple to get motivated?

Interestingly, we can get more motivated through choosing and practicing our “internal locus of control — a belief that we can influence our destiny through the choices we make.”  According to Charles Duhigg in Smarter, Faster, Better in order “to motivate ourselves, we must feel like we are in control.” The author did not write we must be in control but instead feel like we are in control, this is an important distinction, and one that anyone can take advantage of. We can feel more in control when we make choices and the more we practice making choices the more control we feel over our lives and the outcomes that result.

To over simplify things here is an equation: Choices + control = motivation.

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