Porcupine alert!


On those days when you are just in a shitty mood and everywhere you turn you are sticking others (being rude, short-tempered, irritated, etc…), what do you do? It must be hell living as a porcupine going around sticking and being stuck.

Anyway, is there a way to handle those porcupine days?

I recently had one of those porcupine days and I was surprised and a little confused but I am not sure why, we all know that life consist on both good and bad days…My second thought after surprise and confusion was why not. I mean, no one is immune to porcupine days and instead of rolling around in this state and sticking others perhaps I am not thinking about this in the right way. Okay, so this second thought is not usual for me, I often think my thinking needs to be checked, lol.

Here are a few things that occurred me to about my porcupine moment.

  • My moment was not someone else’s fault, it was all me.
  • Who says I am supposed to be happy-go-lucky everyday, that is not realistic.
  • What if my moment was due to lack of sleep or just fatigue in general instead of some mysterious character flaw.
  • It is likely that I am thinking about the moment in the wrong way or better yet maybe I need to stop thinking about it or trying to resolve it.

Finally, perhaps on our porcupine days we just need do as Thich Nhat Hanh (buddhist monk) says and “keep our appointment with life” in all it’s shades and hues.

Image above retrieved from: https://goo.gl/images/QLFzH5

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