What does Bob know?

original Bob the builderMost people who know me are aware of my fondness for books, reading, and learning new stuff. They may or may not know that I maintain several books in a sort of informal queue and I am often reading, taking notes and extracting information from several books as I read them. Anyway, I read something interesting in “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink about talking. Pink writes, “Everything good in life–a cool business, a great romance, a powerful social movement–begins with a conversation.” Pink continues to talk about how conversations help us relate and understand one another, it’s a uniquely human thing.

Okay, it’s a human thing to talk and a great deal of our conversations are internal. We are all talking to ourselves sometimes the conversations are positive and other times the tone is negative and often the statements are declarative.

Pink writes again about a form of self-talk that I often use with myself and others in my daily work with students and the author points a little known master of the technique is “Bob the Builder” and I thought, what does Bob know, it turns out, he has some insight for us all.

So Bob does not make declarative statements instead he ask questions such as “can we fix it?” So self-talk that takes the form of questions does two things. First, the questioning self-talk technique “elicits answers–within those answers are strategies for actually carrying out the task.” Second, the questioning self-talk is more likely to “inspire thoughts about autonomous or intrinsically motivated reasons to pursue a goal.”

So talking to yourself like Bob the Builder is a better way, I am honestly surprised and pleased by this insight. It’s these sort of things that keep me curious and constantly asking myself and others questions and the answers can come from multiple sources so I think we should ask more questions and prepare to be amazed by the answers that come our way.

Image above retrieved from: http://www.dailyedge.ie/bob-the-builder-makeover-reaction-1720666-Oct2014/


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