Complex life or Simple life

This week I had “aha” moment in the classroom and I was more clearly more excited about the topic being discussed than my class, not the first and certainly not the last time, but this moment felt different.

So as a class we were discussing living a complex or simple life and a few students claim to be living a simple life and they shared things like going to school, eating a simple meal, not paying bills, going sleep, etc…as examples of a simple life. We discussed the elements of a simple life as a class it dawned on me that perhaps our lives are more complex then we realize and that we take it for granted or miss the level of complexity and it’s so common place it feels simple to most of us.

At this point in the short discussion I experienced my “aha” moment and the class moved on to something else. My moment now feels sort of dark and sinister in a “black mirror” sort of way. My conclusion was that the process and level of complexity in our lives is not likely to slow down or decrease and if we don’t make a conscious effort and decide to do something or lives we continue to grow more complex and we will not notice it and for many it will continue to look and feel simple despite being complex.

My ever-present question is this, does a complex life equal a happy life or is the opposite true? The whole thing feels like something I have wrestled with in the past and I will continue to wrestle with in the future, perhaps a lifetime.

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