Learning and growing

I recently had a conversation about learning and growing. The conversation centered around the idea we can learn and not necessarily grow as a result. I argued that things happen to us and we can control or decide what we learn in the process and really that learning, becoming aware and gathering information, and growing should be synonymous. At the time I didn’t immediately think about growth vs fixed mindset but I guess that was the gist of the conversation. A person with a fixed mindset will have a hard time connecting what they learn or experience with growing, evolving and getting better the way a growth mindset person will. Remember fixed mindset folks have a lot to lose, their well-being, self-worth, etc…is built on their fixed traits and if they need to improve or grow, which means they don’t have it together yet, they see themselves as flawed in a fixed way with nowhere to go. On the other hand, a growth mindset person is connecting experiences with growth opportunities and for them effort equals achievement, this effort can take many forms so with a growth mindset person growing can be accomplished through reflecting on what was learned or experienced.

Side note: Lately I feel like I am learning to paint/make art again. Perhaps, it’s this feeling of re-learning something I have been doing for 40 plus years now that I enjoy and this high seems to come when I return to making art after a hiatus. (attached images of “Messy table still life #1 and #2”, multi-media paintings)


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