Natural actors be like…

Natural actors are skilled in playing with our emotions, okay, maybe that’s not a fair assertion. Natural actors are instead skilled in the art of emotional displays. Emotions are contagious and we live our lives according to social rules and norms in an effort to hold our emotions at bay. Being able to send and receive emotions makes relationships with others easier to have, maintain, etc…and others are more comfortable with us in the process.

Natural actors can use their powers for good or evil as we know. Natural actors are excellent social chameleons, skilled at making us like them. I wonder, instead of being a natural actor is it not truer to be oneself, regardless, of the emotions and situations? Although, this may not be the smoothest path but it feels like the most genuine and everyone knows who or what is actually happening with other people.

Understanding emotions is an essential skill we all need to improve. Think back and assess yourself, I am convinced that most of us would give ourselves failing grades. Test yourself emotional aptitude at your next networking event, mixer or gathering with strangers. I wonder why do some of us struggle in these environments and others appear to thrive? Are some of us willing to suffer, fail, or be embarrassed, while others avoid suffering, failure or embarrassment with our whole being? It is that simple?

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