Comparing, we all do it and from what I have talked about with others and read and understand about social comparison makes me doubt there is any benefit in comparing ourselves to others.

Comparing up, my life is not as good as that person… comparing down, at least my life is not as bad as this person…we all have a proclivity when comparing. I am not convinced that any of this is a good idea but I guess the truth, pleasant or not, is simply that how we shape up compared to others matters to us. And others opinions and perceptions are important to us and comparison is how we gauge how we are doing. So we often measure ourselves using others success, money, attractiveness, etc… as a yardstick.

Is this a true ruler, can we rely on the measurements that we receive when we compare ourselves to others? I have my doubts. Comparing ourselves today is more complex than its ever been in our history. Our comparisons now span all sorts of boundaries that in times past would have been unheard of and the measures seem almost limitless but I am not sure if more equals better measurements.

Why don’t we compare ourselves to the person we know best, to the VIP, for most of us, in our lives on most days and in most situations, ourselves. I know this sounds self-centered but I think it’s also a truer way to compare, it’s simply a better measure then looking at others.



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