Change, good or bad?

Change, what makes it good, what makes it bad, I am not sure there is a definitive answer to this question but I think it is one we should think about.

Change at times surprises us, it is necessary at times, and mostly inevitable. So since we know change is going to happen, if we initiate it or not, we are left with only with our response to change. Our response determines if change is good or bad, its subjective plain and simple.

Change is something I think about almost on a daily basis because of the nature of my work. And I am always fascinated how we respond to change and often that response comes down to good or bad perception. If we see change as good we accept it, grow and learn from it. If change is bad we resist it, question why it is happening, blame others for it happening, and learn little if anything at all in the process. I know if given a choice we all would choose good versus bad response to change, if only it was that simple. But maybe it is that simple, what if we can just choose to accept change as good and fertile ground for learning and development and or perhaps the beginnings of something great.

I know that for many change is scary because we don’t really know what is going to happen and we lose control, if only momentarily, over aspects of our lives when change happens and any talk about giving up control usually is not something we want to hear. I suspect if I proposed the notion that we never really have as much control as we think and that fearing change should be the least of our fears, if at all, that many would tune me out. But, I know for myself that thinking and writing about change has helped at least one person, yours truly, so it was worth the time and energy spent on some level.

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