“Being Mortal” (Book Review, sort of)

being mortal book image

Warning: So if you are 40 years or older reading this book will open your awareness on how we as a society treat our elderly and its likely to scare you.

The book is fantastic! Being over 40 and then some with loved ones older than myself the book is really relevant and has caused me to think about my own mortality. I will admit on some days it was too much “mortality” but putting our heads in the sand is not a better solution. If we are fortunate, take care of ourselves, and have good genes, etc… most of us will have to face the realities this book looks at and I for one am glad I found this book.

Okay, full disclosure: I have read just over half of the book and so far this is what I have learned.

  • Growing old is viewed by many as a medical condition to solve and we often turn to medical practitioners who are not equipped to treat the “soul conditions” we struggle with when we age.
  • As we grow old our greatest fear is losing our freedom be the authors of our own lives, that is to make our own decisions, good or bad.
  • Interjecting life (other people, children, animals, plants, etc…) into the lives of our elders is a way to help them age with more purpose and meaning and less depression.
  • We have a long history of treating of our elderly badly which is not the most uplifting story but it is something we all have encountered or will at some point need to come to terms with.
  • As we grow older life essentially comes to down feeling like our lives have meaning and purpose.


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