My love, hate relationship with my art

Above are two recent glimpses of multi-media paintings that I think are the beginnings of an “ancestors” series of works.

I love making art, it gives me great satisfaction, especially, when I can make art for others. I hate, not the act of making art, but the sadness, at least it feels like sadness, that comes when I stop making art. I know the solution is obvious, making art gives you joy just make art and everything will be good-ish, if only it was so easy. I will say my saving grace is that my approach to making art is “worker like,” meaning, I make art almost like accomplishing a task. I have an idea or commission, I plan it, work it, and hopefully finish it, for me making art is about doing the work. If things are not going well revise or start over but keep working on it until its done. Perhaps thinking about it now my hate stems from me looking ahead to the time when I am not “doing the work” of making art or the time when I don’t want to make art. It’s complicated to say the least.

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