I once learned in a bible study or sermon years ago that bitterness is pretty nasty and can have a lasting impact on our individual lives. We all have encountered or experienced resentment or bitterness toward other people and situations and it shows up on our faces, body language, in our thoughts, motivations, actions, etc… How does this happen, that we are so bitter that our whole lives are impacted? Why does bitterness linger in some of us and others it’s not an issue?

I wonder if control has something to do with it. When I say control I am talking about the idea that we have total control over of somethings in our lives, our thoughts, reactions to others and circumstances, then we have partial or no control over the rest of what makes up in our lives. My thought is that we often get tripped by this control dilemma, it’s here that most of us have trouble particularly when others are involved.

Okay, how many times has the desire to control others caused us frustration, anger, disappointment, etc…then that condition over time morphed into bitterness? What if realizing we cannot control others actions and reactions were our starting points, would there ever be seeds of bitterness planted in the first place? I know this sounds simple, maybe to simple, but what harm could it do? And think about, if we changed our reactions to others how much would it cost us? Not a great deal of money, if any at all, or require a new “app” it does cost us though. The price is our self-interest, to have less bitterness and resentment we have to give up some of our of self-interest and accept others and circumstances and choose to react to others realizing we cannot control them or their actions plain and simple.

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