Listening sounds simple and because we think its simple we deceive ourselves into thinking everyone can do it. But we know this is not the case. How often do we just move around at home, school, work, etc…not really listening but instead we are trying making our points, trying to prove we are right, trying to impress or persuade others and fake/half listening because it’s the polite thing to do and minimizes conflict in most cases.

What would happen if everyone decided to really listen to another? What impact would it have on our lives.

Okay, how do we know if we are really listening to others? There is a simple test, if you can repeat what the other person just said to and give accurate account of their thoughts, feelings and ideas they are trying to convey all of this without interjecting your own thoughts, feelings, ideas, judgments, etc… into the explanation than you are really listening.  Sounds simple, not really, enough until you actually try it. But really listening is one of those things that make meaningful relationships possible so I think we should all be working on improving our listening abilities if for no other reason then that.

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