To stop at face value or not

Why do we often stop at face value when encountering others? Or why do we stop at the phenotypes that identify us? Why don’t we go beyond the surface when getting to know others?

Are we just lazy and stop short of getting to know others and how we identify ourselves beyond physical features. Or is it deeper than that?

These are a stream of questions running through my head right now. When we stop at a cursory level when encountering others my sense is that it’s not necessarily laziness but it might be levels of discomfort that stops us. Getting to know others and interacting beyond what we see can be uncomfortable. Our differences can challenge our beliefs, our sense of right and wrong, etc…but there are benefits to gain from this discomfort. How can we know and see the value of other’s experiences unless we go beyond face value? Thinking about it now I suppose if we don’t see the value in others then we might not see the point of interacting beyond face value. And then again I suppose we all get to choose how we interact with others. But we know isolating ourselves over time is not healthy (emotionally, psychologically, physically, etc…) nor is interacting with others with violence or malice healthy for individuals or the common good, nevertheless, we still get to choose to stop at face value or not.


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