When does learning occur?

“access is not synonymous with learning. What turns access into learning is time and strategic patience.” ~Jennifer Roberts

The quote above is from an article “The Power of Patience” my sense after reading the article is that patience is an art, practice and skill that we are quickly losing or have lost and we need to find it again. Who does not need more patience? Who among us would not benefit from slowing down a bit?

In our modern times we have access to everything, it seems, instantly. We have begun to associate access to everything with learning, this is often not the case.  Instead, somethings, a lot things it turns out, take time to learn and understand. Time and patience are the hallmarks of cultivating the “good stuff” in my experiences.

Problem solving, creativity, really seeing and understanding people, places and situations takes time. To truly learn and develop means we have to look past our instant access and spend time with that which is important to us for learning to occur.


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