The allure of STEM

Why is STEM education or science and technology the gold standard or often our first solution to what ills us? This question seems like a natural segue into what it means to be educated or a debate about the value of liberal arts education versus STEM education, but I will leave that discussion to smarter people to talk about.

In my mind it seems like STEM is most folks logical choice to respond to the world that presupposes that the best way to manage and engage with the increasing complexity of our world is to understand it in terms of science and technology. But is that really the best way? What about the aspects of life that require a more creative and nuanced approach and cannot be easily dealt with using scientific method or mathematical equations? What about the other bodies of knowledge, to many to list here, that are better approaches depending on the situation or problem to be solved. Thinking about it now most problems seem to big to solve with one approach anyway instead perhaps a better way forward is an approach that allows for multiple strategies.

So I know there are a lot of problems for which science and technology works best and I am not saying lets throw STEM out. Instead, I think we should be open to creative approaches to living, working and relating to one another. To be continued…

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