Unconventional path to success

I work with college students and often the frustration I see them experiencing is associated with a conflict between their expectations and their reality, they often don’t match. I am not supposing that college students should have everything sorted out and not experience what the result of us who are not going to college are experiencing. It seems to me a better way forward would consist of accepting that our expectations and reality are not going quite match up as a first step down a path of unconventional success.

Let me explain, typically we think about the road to success as almost effortless once we find our passions and from there its one insight after another then we have made it. Okay, so its safe to say its rare that this happens for most of us instead things look more like this, we start a thing it fails, we get pissed, might try again or abandon it for something better or easier and fail again, repeat, then we might have some insights that either keep us going or cause us to change directions again, and this continues until we have achieved a level of success for us. In short the whole process is usually kinda twisty with a lot of turns along the way.

I know this doesn’t  sound fun on the surface but embracing the process of discovering what success is for you can be exciting and the unexpected can be rewarding, trying stuff is another first step down the road to unconventional success its a path with surprises, successes and failures and it could be said that the true success is in doing the work of discovering where our road to success really leads.

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