When things go pear shaped

When things go pear shaped or don’t go the way we expected. What do we do? Get angry, get frustrated, blame someone/something else, go to plan B, cry, freeze and wonder what happened?

We all have ways of dealing with setbacks or the unexpected, is your way working for you? If so, how do you know its working well for you?

Its fairly common knowledge that the world is unpredictable and stuff happens and often the stuff that happens is not what we expected and our responses, big and small, determine the course of our lives daily. Essentially, it matters how we treat ourselves and others, and how we approach the world.

The question whether or not our way of handling setbacks is working for us can only be answered and assessed individually. But if we are not taking the time to look around, reflect and ask the question we could be responding to stuff all wrong, or at least wrong for us.

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