Why I work with college students

My week days are spent asking college students questions they are often not ready to answer, questions about major choices, career choices and how they are adjusting to college, etc… Despite the many questions asked that often lead to more questions I am really enjoying my work and I find the complexity and challenging aspects to be the most fun.

I do wonder however on some days if I am asking students the right questions or if there are such things as right questions. And even on those days when I doubt whether or not I am actually helping students, I try to remind myself that I my work is about process. My students process of learning and growing as a college student and person and my process of learning growing as a professional helping others to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Why I work with college students

  1. It takes a while to see whether or not our work is helping but as long as you’re providing the space for students to challenge their thinking and can provide them great resources, they’ll come to realize the benefits of working with you!


  2. Sammie thank you for your comment. Yes, I fully agree with your comment and good things happen in time when working with students however, I do find it challenging, in a good way, helping student realize its time well spent and not a waste of time.


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